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Cynthia Nixon Introduces Son Max Ellington

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni pose with their newborn son - who arrived Monday, Feb 7 - in a photo taken Friday in New York City.

Heidi Klum Heidi Montag

'Die Hard 5' To Be Directed By Noam Murro

Commercial director slated to helm popular sequel, according to Deadline.
By Shawn Adler

Bruce Willis in "Live Free or Die Hard"
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Movement on "Die Hard 5" has just gotten another shot in the arm with news that commercial director Noam Murro will helm the popular series' fourth follow-up, according to Deadline. The announcement comes less than a day after it was revealed star Bruce Willis was personally vetting potential candidates.

The Israeli-born Murro, who counts the 2008 indie flick "Smart People" as his only feature credit, has been nominated five times by the Directors' Guild of America for his commercial work, and reportedly impressed Fox execs with his recent ads for the video game "Halo."

Although not yet officially signed on, Willis has been enthusiastically talking up the possibility of returning as the perpetually beleaguered, often hungover, sometimes foulmouthed John McClane since "Live Free or Die Hard" opened in 2007. After going from trapped in a building to trapped in an airport in the first two "Die Hard" installments, Willis told MTV News he's eager to continue the recent trend of expanding the series' canvas.

"Well it's got to go worldwide," Willis said. "That would be my contribution to [the next movie]."

Tentatively titled "Die Hard 24/7," the sequel was written by Skip Woods, who previously penned big budget actioners "The A-Team" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." According to a statement Willis made in October, the flick is expected to begin filming sometime in 2011.

Although Willis has starred in four "Die Hard" flicks, the Hollywood vet has said that bringing the laughs is much more important than lighting up the big screen.

"But I like so much more making fun of it, taking the piss out of it and not making it a big deal. Not making the fact that I've acted in a lot of movies a big deal," he said. " It's all illusion and it's all bulls--t and it's a great job for me to have, but everything else you can set on fire. Making people laugh is the real deal."

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Photos | 'Forbes' Magazine's Top-Earning Musicians Of 2010

'Forbes' Magazine's Top-Earning Musicians Of 2010

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'Die Hard 5' To Be Directed By Noam Murro

Commercial director slated to helm popular sequel, according to Deadline.
By Shawn Adler

Bruce Willis in "Live Free or Die Hard"
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Movement on "Die Hard 5" has just gotten another shot in the arm with news that commercial director Noam Murro will helm the popular series' fourth follow-up, according to Deadline. The announcement comes less than a day after it was revealed star Bruce Willis was personally vetting potential candidates.

The Israeli-born Murro, who counts the 2008 indie flick "Smart People" as his only feature credit, has been nominated five times by the Directors' Guild of America for his commercial work, and reportedly impressed Fox execs with his recent ads for the video game "Halo."

Although not yet officially signed on, Willis has been enthusiastically talking up the possibility of returning as the perpetually beleaguered, often hungover, sometimes foulmouthed John McClane since "Live Free or Die Hard" opened in 2007. After going from trapped in a building to trapped in an airport in the first two "Die Hard" installments, Willis told MTV News he's eager to continue the recent trend of expanding the series' canvas.

"Well it's got to go worldwide," Willis said. "That would be my contribution to [the next movie]."

Tentatively titled "Die Hard 24/7," the sequel was written by Skip Woods, who previously penned big budget actioners "The A-Team" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." According to a statement Willis made in October, the flick is expected to begin filming sometime in 2011.

Although Willis has starred in four "Die Hard" flicks, the Hollywood vet has said that bringing the laughs is much more important than lighting up the big screen.

"But I like so much more making fun of it, taking the piss out of it and not making it a big deal. Not making the fact that I've acted in a lot of movies a big deal," he said. " It's all illusion and it's all bulls--t and it's a great job for me to have, but everything else you can set on fire. Making people laugh is the real deal."

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The-Dream Talks New Album Plans, Justin Bieber Collabo

The singer/songwriter says his next effort should be released 'by August.'
By Jayson Rodriguez

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images

If anybody knows that the world isn't perfect, it's singer/songwriter The-Dream. Last year, the man behind hit songs by everyone from Mariah Carey ("Touch My Body") to Rihanna ("Umbrella") said he was retiring as an artist, vowing to abide by a threat he'd been teasing about for some time.

"It's the last album, period," The-Dream told MTV News with regard to his Love King project. "I really would like it to be the last one if I could — in a perfect world."

Things haven't exactly gone smooth for The-Dream since that time. He divorced singer/actress Christina Milian amid allegations of adultery and revealed that he thought about suicide during the aftermath of the breakup.

But now, the Grammy-winning producer has revealed that he is hard at work on a new solo effort.

"Everybody's calling for an album now, so I should have one out by August," The-Dream told former MTV host Quddus on Wednesday before the Los Angeles premiere of Justin Bieber's new movie, "Never Say Never."

As of press time, no album title or release date had been confirmed by The-Dream's label, Def Jam Records. The singer, whose own credits include "Nikki," "Rockin' That Thang" and "Make Up Bag," also was hush regarding details.

The-Dream did reveal to Quddus that he's working on Bieber's next record, along with Danja, Kevin Cossom and Kanye West.

"I've been writing, just to get ready," he said about the teen sensation's upcoming effort. He teased that the sound of the new material was "somewhere between Fergie and Jesus, somewhere in between there. If I can get away with edgy, I would love it."

The-Dream also recently hit the studio with reality star Kim Kardashian, with whom he recorded the catchy single "Turn It Up."

Are you excited that The-Dream is working on a new album and collaborating with Justin Bieber? Tell us in the comments.

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Photos | Behind-The-Scenes: Ke$ha At 'SNL'

Behind-The-Scenes: Ke$ha At 'SNL'

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Former Skater Tonya Harding And Her Repair Man Husband Are Expecting First Child

Shamed Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding is looking forward to her new role as a mother. Harding has revealed that she is expecting a baby boy with her husband of nearly a year, Joseph Price. The 40-year-old said that she and her husband are expecting their new bundle of joy ?any day now.? Harding told [...]

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'X-Men: First Class' Trailer: Professor X And Magneto, The Way They Were

First trailer also offers brief intros to Emma Frost, Beast, Mystique and more X-Men.
By Eric Ditzian and Kara Warner

James McAvoy in "X-Men: First Class"
Photo: 20th Century Fox

We all know where this is going: Professor X and Magneto will one day be the deepest enemies. How they get to that point is the story told in "X-Men: First Class," and if the first trailer is any indication, how they get there is going to be totally badass.

This is an origin tale, after all, as the trailer makes clear. The footage begins with an appropriately edgy, slow-building score in the background, then a shot of Professor X's office, with his empty wheelchair in the foreground. The words "Before he was Professor X" appear over a shot of what looks like Patrick Stewart as X, hooked up to Cerebro, then, continuing the first phrase, the words "He was Charles" are shown over a shot of James McAvoy as our young Chuck Xavier.

The next sequence opens with "Before he was Magneto" over shots from previous "X-Men" films and Ian McKellan wearing the famous helmet and cape, then "He was Erik" over a clip of serious/brooding Michael Fassbender as young Erik Lehnsherr.

Cut to Marvel's recognizable movie insignia, the shuffling comic book pages with the logo, followed by McAvoy's Xavier and Fassbender's Lehnsherr walking together in a prison. The next clip shows the famous "School for the Gifted," with the words of JFK speaking to the Cuban Missile Crisis in the background and the rest of the cast/X-Men crowded around the television listening to Kennedy's televised address.

Next up we get brief character intros, with JFK's words — "The cost of freedom is always high" — still echoing in voice-over as Emma Frost (January Jones), Angel Salvadore (Zoe Kravitz), Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Alex Summers/Havok (Lucas Till), Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) and saucy shape-shifter Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) all flash in succession onscreen.

The last half of the 1:51 spot kicks up the action, with shots of fighter jets (Beast in the cockpit!), missiles launching, young mutants learning how to use their powers to fight and Lehnsherr taking hold of the famous helmet and stepping into the black-and-red suit of Magneto, followed by stern words from Xavier.

"Listen to me very carefully, my friend," Xavier says to Lehnsherr/Magneto. "Killing will not bring you peace."

"Peace was never an option," he responds, which is followed by quick teases of some of the big action scenes, including one where Lehnsherr is pulling a submarine out of the water and into the air.

The last thing we see is a revamped and slightly imposing logo for "Xavier's School for the Gifted Youngsters," First Class, followed by the June 3 release date.

Check out everything we've got on "X-Men: First Class."

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dina Lohan New Radio Show Host

Sounds like Dina Lohan has landed herself a new job as a radio show host with Chaunce Hayden. Lucky her but will you be tuning in? Find out more telling details and see photos and a video right here!

Dina is headed to Hollywood for a new radio show called, Steppin On the Tabloids [...]

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Wiz Khalifa Says Amber Rose And His Mom 'Really Dig Each Other'

'Amber is a sweetheart, and my mom, everybody who meets her loves her anyway,' he says of rumored girlfriend and Kanye West ex.
By Jayson Rodriguez, with reporting by Matt Elias

Wiz Khalifa
Photo: MTV News

Wiz Khalifa has been linked to Kanye West ex Amber Rose recently, and while neither party has admitted they are an item, the Pittsburgh rapper recently revealed that the model met his mother. Funkmaster Flex pulled the confession out of the upstart lyricist during his appearance on the jock's Hot 97 show.

Wiz briefly addressed the meeting to MTV News, describing it as "cool."

"They actually really, really dig each other," Wiz said. "Amber is a sweetheart, and my mom, everybody who meets her loves her anyway. So it was really tight."

Wiz took Rose to meet his mother during the weekend of the AFC Championship game, when his hometown Steelers played the New York Jets. Team officials invited the rapper to perform his breakout hit "Black and Yellow" prior to kickoff.

He coyly explained to Flex that Rose, due to her travel schedule, was nearby and they hung out in Pittsburgh together.

While Wiz is a Pittsburgh native through and through, he told The Source in the magazine's December/January issue that he plans to relocate to Los Angeles. He's spent a lot of time out West recently recording with Snoop Dogg for their collaborative movie and soundtrack "High School."

When he makes the move to California, though, it won't be something he announces, he said. "You wouldn't be able to tell if I did or didn't because I'm out there so much," Wiz said. "And that's what I wanted it to be. I kind of wanted to blend. If you do see me a lot, then that might be why."

Do you think Wiz and Amber should be a couple? Let us know in the comments!

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Beyonce's Mom Says Daughter's Style Has Always Been 'Edgy'

'It's just a result of her constantly evolving,' Tina Knowles says of the fashion in Beyonce's "I Am ... World Tour" DVD concert special.
By Jocelyn Vena

Photo: Paul Warner/ WireImage

Beyoncé has never been shy about hitting the stage in stunning costumes. Her appearance has always been a mixture of showgirl sparkle and pop star razzle-dazzle. And her style is on full display in her new DVD concert special, "I Am ... World Tour."

Her mom and stylist, Tina Knowles, said that while the looks may seem a bit edgier than what fans have seen from the singer in the past, she thinks that her superstar daughter has always been ahead of the style curve.

"Well, the wonderful Thierry Mugler designed the costumes, and I actually worked on some of the dancers and the band, and it was just amazing to work with him because he is so creative," Knowles told MTV News at a New York screening of the special. "So it's just a result of her constantly evolving, but she's been edgy. It's funny for people to say she went more edgy, but she's been wearing body suits and that type of thing."

And while Knowles may act as her daughter's stylist and costume designer, she says that Bey's style decisions are all her own. "Well, we discussed her working with Thierry Mugler, and I'm the biggest fan. And so she had seen some of the fashions and she loved it," she said. "So we always discuss things, but it's her decision, it's her career."

Beyoncé, who also directed the concert special , said it gave her a better understanding of the filmmaking process. "It was hard work," she said. "I learned so much. I have a new respect for directors and I think I would like to do more of it. ... Well, I've done some co-directing for music videos [but] this was definitely a big step for me, and I'm so thrilled."

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'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Tyrannosaurus Lex

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Tyrannosaurus Lex

Richard, fresh off of a Twitter-inspired combing of Ellis' journals, found some research she had started that could be built into a diabetes clinical trial. He goes to Meredith and asks her to be on it, since he thinks she's the only one with the right to carry on her mother's work.

Meredith seems happy enough to finally be on the Alzheimer's trial but the Chief lays it on thick and she seems to waiver for a moment. But after continuing work with her own patients she realizes that she wants to try and cure her mother's disease rather than continue her research, and she "gives" the study to Richard with her blessing.


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ShowBiz Minute: Kid Rock, Sheen, Prince Philip

Feb 11 - Kid Rock defends decision to perform in snowy Ark; Judge grants Charlie Sheen and wife a divorce; First photograph of infant Prince Philip revealed.

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Photos | 'Michael Jackson's This Is It' Premiere After Party

'Michael Jackson's This Is It' Premiere After Party

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Photos | Justin Bieber's AMA Night

Justin Bieber's AMA Night

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Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Shows A 'New Direction,' Says Perez Hilton

Gaga's new single 'is very much about the you and I, the collective us,' maintains the gossip blogger.
By Jocelyn Vena

Lady Gaga
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/ WireImage

Lady Gaga's little monsters will certainly have their paws up when they hear the singer's latest dance-floor creation, "Born This Way," which was released to radio and made available for purchase on Friday (February 11). The track, an over-the-top sonic spectacle of beats, synths and messages of empowerment, is the next step in Gaga's ever-evolving career, at least according to one well-known media pundit.

The pop star's pal Perez Hilton explains how the track fits in when compared with Gaga's other big lead singles — The Fame's "Just Dance" and The Fame Monster's "Bad Romance."

"I think just by reading the lyrics that 'Born This Way' is taking things in a new direction," the gossip blogger recently shared with MTV News. "Whereas 'Bad Romance' and 'Just Dance' were great first-person [songs], 'Born This Way' is very much about the you and I, the collective us, the little monsters and the world."

Previously, Perez described the song as an anthem for Gaga's fans. "I'm very perceptive of what people are saying, thinking, and so is Gaga, and perhaps one of the biggest critiques, just based on the lyrics, is that it's a very gay song," he explained about the title track off the singer's next album, which is scheduled for a May release.

"And you know what? It is a very gay song — unapologetically gay, in-your-face gay — but it's also a universal song that can relate to everyone," Hilton further explained. "To all of us outsiders, to all of us freaks, to all of us who feel different. And the music is undeniable. It sounds like a smash. It is a smash. It is one of the best songs of Gaga's career."

Do you agree with Perez Hilton's evaluation of "Born This Way"? Share your opinions in the comments.

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Photos | Celebs Get 'Dolled' Up

Celebs Get 'Dolled' Up

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Jack's Haircut

I gave my nephew Jack a haircut.

I couldn't get it right so I just kept cutting and cutting and cutting and well...

I gave him the Dumb & Dumber do.


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iVoices: Lessons of Love from Littlest Ones

iVoice Dena Blizzard grills some of iVillage's youngest readers -- okay, maybe they're not readers just yet!! -- with questions about love, marriage, honeymoons and pre-nups! You heard that right!

Ana Paula Lemes Ananda Lewis Angela Marcello Angelina Jolie Anna Faris

Tom Cruise In Final Negotiations For 'Rock Of Ages,' Anne Hathaway Circling Role?

by Patrick Hester
Over the last few months, rumors have been swirling over Tom Cruise?s involvement with the film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical "Rock of Ages." Last October, MTV reported Cruise?s interest in the New Line Cinema production, only feeding the curiosity of many "Ages" fans who thought he?d fit the role. Come on, [...]

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Michael Jackson Doctor Pleads Not Guilty To Involuntary Manslaughter

Conrad Murray's trial slated to start March 28.
By Gil Kaufman

Dr. Conrad Murray appears in court on Tuesday in Los Angeles, California
Photo: Irfan Khan-Pool/ Getty Images

Michael Jackson's former personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray entered a plea of not guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter in the June 2009 death of the pop star at his arraignment on Tuesday morning (January 25).

According to the Los Angeles Times, when asked by judge Michael Pastor how he pleaded to the charge, Murray said, "Your honor, I am an innocent man." When Pastor interrupted and asked Murray what his plea was, the cardiologist said, "Therefore, I plead not guilty."

The brief hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court ended with Pastor setting a March 28 date for the start of a trial in the case. Murray faces a maximum of four years in prison if convicted, and the Times noted that he surprised the judge by invoking his right to a speedy trial, which meant the case would have to begin by late March. Pastor noted the rarity of a defendant asking to have a speedy trial, then set jury selection for the week of March 28 and said he was inclined to allow television coverage of the trial that the defense expects will last two months.

Lawyers for Murray have maintained his innocence all along, saying he did not do anything that "should have" caused the 50-year-old pop icon's death. The Los Angeles County Coroner's office determined that Jackson died of an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol mixed with a cocktail of other sedatives.

Murray has admitted to administering propofol to Jackson in the hours before the singer's death, but the defense appears to be gearing up to claim that it was Jackson who administered the final, fatal dose of the drug after he woke in a panic from a fitful night of sleep.

During a preliminary hearing earlier this month to determine if there was enough evidence to hold Murray over for trial, the physician's attorneys said that there was evidence Jackson injected or drank a fatal amount of the drug when the doctor was not looking.

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Aaron Carter Released From Rehab

Former teen star Aaron Carter has left the Betty Ford Center after a month of treatment. Aaron Carter left rehab at the Betty Ford Center [...]

Lauren German LeAnn Rimes Leeann Tweeden Leelee Sobieski Leighton Meester

Britney Spears Collabo Is 'A Monster,' Says

Black Eyed Peas frontman calls Femme Fatale track 'something that today needs.'
By James Dinh

Britney Spears
Photo: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Days after his glow-in-the-dark Super Bowl XLV halftime performance, is already working on his next high-profile gig: a collaboration with Britney Spears. After the "Hold It Against Me" singer tweeted about the team-up Tuesday, the Black Eyed Peas' leading man opened up about his studio session with the pop princess.

"I just came from the studio right now," Will told The Associated Press. While hesitant to give away details, he did gush about the tune, emphasizing the song's place in today's music scene. "It's a monster," he said. "It's mean, pretty, edgy, next level. But the beat just ... It's that beat. She's singing fresh over it. It's something that today needs."

While many fans were pleased to hear about the pop partnership, some weren't so keen on a tweet posted shortly after Spears' collabo announcement. It read, "I just found out some people don't tweet themselves they have teams of tweeters for them ... Wow."

After Team Britney went after the producer, he clarified his sentiments: "Britney tweets for herself I saw it with my own eyes when we recorded in the studio today," he wrote. "She's such a sweet heart she's a perfectionist. You guys read into things way to hard ... shame on who ever thought I was talkin about britney ... so sad people want to start things."

In the end, Will reverted the focus back to his tune with the pop star, tweeting, "The song I did with britney is ganna be crazy fresh. from the super bowl to the studio workin on a mega smasher. can't wait till its done."

As Britney continues her daily tease-a-thon for the "Hold It Against Me" video, which will premiere February 17 on MTV, her collaboration with might be one of her final studio sessions in completing her new album, Femme Fatale. Scheduled to drop March 29, the LP is expected to include production credits from Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, Fraser T. Smith and Bloodshy & Avant.

One producer who might not be making the final cut, however, is William Orbit (Madonna's "Ray of Light"), according to one of his latest tweets. "did a song w Klas Ahlund, who wrote 'Piece of Me'. And is killa. But not on FF apparently. But a good song is a good song regardless," he wrote.

What do you think Britney and's collabo will sound like? Tell us below!

Don't miss Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" video premiere February 17 at 9:56 p.m. ET on MTV and before a new episode of "Jersey Shore"!

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'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never': The Reviews Are In!

Film makes 'persuasive case' that Bieber is a 'far more talented-than-usual teen idol,' one critic says.
By Eric Ditzian

Justin Bieber
Photo: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

In case you couldn't tell from the talk-show appearances and the TV spots, from the billboards and bus ads, from the ceaseless chatter on Twitter, Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" has finally arrived in theaters after a seemingly endless promotional push that left no channel or digital sphere Bieber Fever-free.

And in case you weren't sure, most everyone who's already seen it seems to agree: The movie is pretty dang good. And that's coming from critics and reporters who don't likely hum "One Less Lonely Girl" in the shower. Whether you're begging your parents for — or are being begged by your kids about — a trip to the multiplex this weekend, check out what reviewers are saying about "Never Say Never."

The Story
"A fairly intimate look at Bieber's life on the road and his beginnings as just another talented kid growing up in small-town Canada, the movie is part-documentary and part-concert film that both embraces and pokes fun at the teenybopper mania that Bieber and his handlers have created. There's a loose countdown structure as Bieber prepares for his first concert at Madison Square Garden, but director Jon Chu is mostly content to zip around Bieber's life and the people who surround him, mixing in live performances with the interviews and fly-on-the-wall recordings. He doesn't exactly pander to the audience, but it's probably no coincidence either that Bieber takes off his shirt twice in the first 10 minutes." — Katey Rich, Cinema Blend

Meet the Real Bieber
"Bieber is a mix of intuitive performer and apparent quick study. As a dancer, his style is endearingly awkward, as if the 16-year-old still has not quite figured out how his body works. ... Yet beneath his polish there is still something unpracticed and a bit goofy to Bieber and his ever-present team of handlers. When a random girl is plucked night after night from the audience for him to serenade onstage, he hands her a big bouquet of roses; as he sings a solo acoustic number, he hangs over the crowd seated in a giant heart. Bieber seems to sit at some rare intersection of the newfangled and the traditional, where camera phones coexist sweetly with swooning romance." — Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

The Visuals
"Director Jon Chu has done a nice job of building this as a film, as a solid documentary, with a heavy side order of self-aware image-building. It is revealing in ways it may not have been intended to be, but it is crafted well, and the 3-D concert footage is designed to be very experiential. Chu wants you to see how hard the people on stage are working, how crazy it is behind the scenes, and just how much that audience feeds on it and then feeds it back in crazy prepubescent emotional hypermedia." — Drew McWeeny, HitFix

The Dissenters
"While the film makes clear Bieber is a wunderkind who wants to be seen more as a Justin Timberlake than a Rick Astley, his movie retreats from anything near the portrait that Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' posthumously became. That's a shame, because there was drama in Bieber's life. He grew up poor to a single mom in Ontario, Canada, and became a sensation only after posting his second-place finish in a singing competition on YouTube. 'Never,' though, touches only briefly on that childhood. And though Bieber taught himself to play several instruments, the film whisks past his talents to get to his bangs — and does nothing to risk 'Never' 's G-rating." — Scott Bowles, USA Today

The Final Word
"Though anyone who needs convincing won't touch this one with a 10-foot pole, 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' makes a persuasive case for its titular star as a far more talented-than-usual teen idol. As much a legitimate documentary as it is a 3D concert film and teen girl squeal-delivery device, the film possesses surprising moments of candor on the toil of teenage superstardom, even if the overall effect is purely promotional. Provided it skirts the curse of the Jonas Brothers (who released a similar film just as their popularity began to flatline), it should go over like gangbusters." — Andrew Barker, Variety

Check out everything we've got on "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never."

For around the clock, visit

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Usher, Ke$ha And More Help Dance Music Go Pop In 2010

But is it here to stay? Our music-industry experts weigh in.
By Akshay Bhansali

Photo: Andreas Rentz/ Getty Images

In 2010, pop princesses, R&B icons and chart-dominating newcomers all danced to the same beat. Not only did dance music go pop, but pop music caught the club-music bug.

Between Katy Perry's "Firework," Ke$ha's "We R Who We R," Rihanna's "Only Girl (In the World)," Enrique Iglesias' "I Like It," Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" and "OMG" and countless other singles, established artists definitely looked to dance beats for surefire hits. And two of this year's biggest success stories in music were Jason Derülo and Taio Cruz; could there be a soul left in this country who hasn't heard "Dynamite" or "In My Head"?

The love went both ways, with dance music's biggest stars finding mainstream success this year. Dance-music maestro deadmau5 took up house-artist duties at this year's VMAs, and Swedish House Mafia and Usher teamed up for a medley of their gems at the American Music Awards.

So how did this happen? We caught up with some music-industry experts to get their takes.

"You definitely saw tempos go up this year," Jon Caramanica of The New York Times told MTV News. "And I think what you had are a lot of producers who are really familiar with nightclub stuff. They are familiar with Europe. Things are happening on a more global scale now."

"I think everything from Europe, and sometimes even Asia, it comes to America, and we just adopt things a little bit slower," said Jared Eng of "I think it was just a change. People like different types of music at different times. And dance was of this moment."

Noah Callahan of Complex magazine added: "I think 2010 saw the merging of the pop and dance genres. Pop artists realized that there were best practices that could be borrowed from dance music. And, ultimately, [all] pop music that has been made in the past 20 years had ended up being remixed for the club by dance artists. I think they basically just cut out the middleman and went straight there."

Dance music being introduced into the hip-hop and R&B realms was particularly notable this year.

"I think David Guetta kind of at the end of last year and the beginning of this year spearheaded it," said freelance writer Julianne Escobedo Shepherd. "He produced a lot of tracks. I think as trends go, people revile 'unst-unst.' But it's just coming back around. Big-room techno was a way for people to get decadent in a year that no one could get decadent."

"You have someone like, who's like, 'Well, I spent all this time in Ibiza, and this is what they are doing,' and he wants to find a way to bring that into his music," Caramanica said of the Black Eyed Peas mastermind. "R&B especially became dance music. And especially with your Jason Derülos, Taio Cruzes. Guys like that would have literally been blocked at the border two years ago. That would not have made it through customs. And now all of a sudden they have #1 songs. I think had a lot to do with that last year."

Elliott Wilson of added: "It's actually even affected hip-hop. I was talking to Q-Tip, and his next record, I feel like that's gonna kind of go in that vein. I know that was also Jay-Z's thought process with Blueprint 3 at first, that he wanted to make a little bit more of a world music [vibe], a little more dancey. I think the kids today want to go to the clubs. They wanna have a good time. They wanna dance. So I think the artists of today are trying to kind of feed that audience."

"I think it's caught on this year because the people who've done it have been successful," offered Clover Hope of Vibe magazine. "Like 'OMG,' with usher, he didn't have success until he made a dance record. He had 'There Goes My Baby' and these really, like, adult-contemporary records that didn't really catch on. And then once you see that everybody is doing it and that people are liking it, they are like, 'OK, let me just try this out.' It's like Auto-Tune. Like, 'Let me see what I sound like on a record by David Guetta.' They end up liking it and doing more of it."

So does the club-music trend have staying power. According to our tastemakers, not so much.

"I do think it's a blip," Caramanica said. "I don't think that's gonna be something that lasts in America. I think this is gonna be a moment we'll all look back on and go, 'Wasn't that weird when Jason Derülo and Taio Cruz had #1 records?"

"At some point, these R&B artists will get kind of sick of it and be like, 'Let me go back to my soul background,' " Hope said. "When you actually have to say something, dance doesn't really lend itself to substance. And I think that R&B artists, they really want to talk about love and in a deep way, and to do that, you need to do, like, a soul or a traditional R&B record. I want to say that it's kind of a fad."

"I think music is very cyclical," Eng offered. "So I think dance music might be here for a little bit, but I'm sure it will phase out at some point."

Wilson called dance music "the sound of today. I think that people want more aggressive, faster beats, and I think that that probably has legs until at least next summer."

What do you think? Is dance music here to stay? Let us know in the comments!

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Beyonce May Work With Diplo, Sleigh Bells On New Album

Producer says he was 'in NYC tryin' to make tracks' for B and Bells' songwriter/guitarist.
By James Montgomery

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/ WireImage

Over the years, Diplo has worked with everyone from Thom Yorke to Spank Rock (and, of course, M.I.A.) so perhaps it should come as no surprise that, for his next collaboration, he's chosen to work with none other than Beyoncé. Oh, and electro-slammers Sleigh Bells, too. It all makes sense, in some bizarre way.

This is according to Dip himself, who posted a message — and a remix of the Sleigh Bells track "Tell 'Em" — on his blog, in which he let it be known that he, his production partner Switch and Sleigh Bells' songwriter/guitarist Derek Miller just wrapped sessions for Beyoncé's follow-up to I Am ... Sasha Fierce. He wasn't quite sure what would come of the tracks they created.

"Me and Switch was in [the] studio in NYC tryin' to make tracks with Derek and Beyoncé last week after we played her team [Sleigh Bells'] album," Diplo wrote. "Dunno if we gonna manage to finish, but [it] was good times."

At the very least, you know Bey's husband, indie-rock fan Jay-Z, is pumped by the news. Diplo is just the latest in an ever-growing list of top-flight producers who have worked with Beyoncé in recent months. There's still no release date or tentative title for her upcoming album, but she's logged studio time with the likes of S1 (he of "Power" fame), Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett and Jim Jonsin.

A spokesperson for Beyoncé did not respond to MTV News' request for comment on the Diplo tracks by press time.

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Mark Ronson & Josephine De La Baume Engaged

Mark Ronson is reportedly engaged to French model Josephine De La Baume. Musician Mark Ronson, who has been known as quite the ladies man, is [...]

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Would You Watch a Bethenny Frankel Talk Show?

Would You Watch a Bethenny Frankel Talk Show?

Bethenny Frankel first captured America's attention when she appeared on Martha Stewart's version of The Apprentice in 2005. Since then, the chef went on to star in two seasons of The Real Housewives of New York, before landing her own show, Bethenny Getting Married. Her new show, Bethenny Ever After, premieres on Bravo on Feb. 28, but that's not even close to being enough for the over-achiever. The mom of one is hoping to land a steady gig as the next big daytime TV host.

"I would like a daytime talk show because my conversation with my fans right now is through social networking, and my TV show communicates what I'm doing, but it isn't really a dialogue or a conversation," she told PopEater.

Also a best-selling author for her Skinny Girls book series, Frankel seems to have plenty of confidence that she can make her wish a reality. "Most of my business wishes come true," the 40-year-old said.

But, before she lands in our living rooms to dish the issues a la Oprah, Frankel gives an inside look at what we can expect from Bethenny Ever After. The show will focus on the relationship between her and her husband, Jason Hoppy, and how they've adjusted to life as parents to their daughter, Bryn, 9 months.

"It's about the texture of marriage and bringing together Venus and Mars, which is what my husband and I are. We're from two different planets," she admits. "And he's religious, and I practice yoga. He wants to be around his parents all the time, and I like to be alone and just a lot of crazy things. It's really probably the only real reality show. It's a reality sitcom."

Would you watch a Bethenny Frankel talk show? Chime in below!

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Kelsey & Camille Grammer?s Divorce Finalized Today!

Connie Nielsen Cristina Dumitru Daisy Fuentes Dania Ramirez Danica Patrick

Beyonce Inspired By Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill For New Album

'I'm mixing every type of genre that I love,' singer says of follow-up to I Am ... Sasha Fierce.
By Jocelyn Vena

Photo: MTV News

Recently Beyoncé revealed that she wants to make her "own genre of music" for her next album. So when MTV News caught up with the singer at the New York screening of her concert special, "I Am ... World Tour," we asked her to clarify what exactly it is that she's creating in the studio.

"Well, I wouldn't say I'm inventing a new genre," she said. "I'm mixing every type of genre that I love and I'm inspired by every type of genre."

Beyoncé went on to say that people should throw any preconceived notions about the follow-up to 2008's I Am ... Sasha Fierce out the window. "I'm not in a box," she said. "It's not R&B. It's not typically pop. It's not rock. It's just everything I love all mixed together in my own little gumbo of music."

The singer says that quite a motley crew of musicians have inspired the album. "Definitely Fela Kuti, the Stylistics. How random, right?" she laughed. "So many people ... Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, of course, Michael Jackson's Off the Wall ... all of those things I'm kind of mixing together."

For the album, Beyoncé has been hitting the studio with many of her usual collaborators including Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett and Jim Jonsin. And her mom, Tina Knowles, has given the tracks she's heard so far her seal of approval, saying, "Of course [I heard it]. It's amazing. It's so amazing!"

Are you looking forward to new music from Beyoncé? Let us know in the comments!

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Charlie Sheen Offers to Help Pay 'Two and a Half Men' Crew

Charlie Sheen Offers to Help Pay 'Two and a Half Men' Crew

Charlie Sheen may have given the Two and a Half Men crew some unexpected time off by halting the show's production, but the actor is willing to help cover the cost for the time they've been out of work. According to TMZ, Sheen has offered to pay one-third of the crew members' salaries for any time missed during the show's Sheen-induced hiatus... if Warner Bros. and CBS each pay one-third of the salaries as well.

After his alleged 36-hour cocaine-fueled bender, Sheen was hospitalized but then refused to enter rehab. Instead, the 45-year-old sitcom star is rehabbing from home. While Sheen is reportedly planning to return to work sometime in February, the show hiatus he's caused could cost the network millions in lost advertising if the episodes they're supposed to be filming now aren't made up. The show's break is also a tough financial hit to the 300 freelance crewmembers who are uncompensated for their time off, and unlike Sheen, haven't been earning a whopping $1.8 million an episode all season long.

According to Entertainment Weekly, execs at CBS and Warner Bros. haven't commented on whether or not they'd pay their portion of the crew's missed wages. One Warner Bros. rep did have this to say about Sheen, however: "We sincerely hope that Charlie’s rehab is going well. We hope that he is healthy in the very near future and we look forward to the return of production of Two and a Half Men."

On behalf of freelancers everywhere, we appreciate Sheen's willingness to cough up some of the cost for the work the crew is missing out on while he’s trying to get sober. Let’s hope the network execs follow suit and fork over the cash. If they can afford Sheen’s seven-figure salary, they can surely afford to pay the folks who pour their blood, sweat and tears into Two and a Half Men without the spoils of seeing themselves on TV!

In the meantime, Sheen is using the time off from work to do more than just get sober; he's also wrapping up his divorce from wife Brooke Mueller. According to TMZ, the pair filed final divorce papers today in L.A. and should be legally single on May 2. The divorce documents state that the pair will have joint custody of their 2-year-old twins, Bob and Max, with Mueller having primary physical custody. In addition, Sheen will pay Mueller $55,000 a month in child support, as well as $1 million for her share of their home (which Charlie gets to keep) and a generous lump-sum parting gift of $757,698.70. With all the money Sheen is doling out these days, he's practically a bank.

Do you think Sheen's offer to cover one-third of the Men crew's salaries in generous, or not generous enough? Chime in below!

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Scarlett Johansson Dating Sean Penn?

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Britney Spears To Premiere 'Hold It Against Me' Video February 17 On MTV

Femme Fatale clip will air just before 'Jersey Shore.'
By Jocelyn Vena

Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" cover art
Photo: Jive

Britney Spears announced on Tuesday (February 8) that she'll premiere her "Hold It Against Me" video on Thursday, February 17, on MTV. The much-anticipated clip, directed by Jonas Åkerlund, airs at 9:56 pm ET, right before a new episode of "Jersey Shore." The video will also premiere on at the same time.

"Feb. 17th...9:56 PM...MTV....The WORLD PREMIERE of the Hold It Against Me video...directed by Jonas Akerlund," Spears tweeted, adding a link to a new preview of the clip.

The song is the first single from Brit's new album, Femme Fatale, whose release has just been pushed back from March 15 to March 29.

The singer began releasing previews of the video last Friday, sharing that she would debut previews every day until the video's premiere. As of press time, Spears had released five teasers, revealing various aspects of the futuristic video.

In teaser one, the director seems to be bringing Britney into a dark world. Dressed in a flowing white gown, she appears surrounded by TV screens as a light and camera are pointed at her face. She stands there, leaving fans to wonder what will happen next.

Teaser two shows the wreath of microphones fans caught of glimpse of a few weeks ago in a photo Britney tweeted. Instead of seductively gazing over her shoulder through the mics as she does in the pic, the pop diva looks straight ahead as a crew member slams a clapperboard in front of her face. The superstar stares directly into the camera as she sports a sparkly red top, a bling-laden choker and dark eyeliner with platinum-blond curls framing her face.

The third preview, which Spears released on Super Bowl Sunday, features TV monitors showing scenes from some of the singer's most iconic videos, including "Slave 4 U" and "... Baby One More Time," as well as various dance rehearsals. The song "Toxic" also plays before transitioning into "Hold It Against Me."

Monday evening's teaser gave fans a blink-and-you-might-miss-it look at Spears surrounded by six male dancers. She's dressed in black boots, a white bustier and white hot pants.

Spears' fifth teaser shows the singer standing in that same outfit, with the male dancers behind her. Lights fill the room where she is performing. The clip opens with a panned-out shot and then focuses on the singer. At the end, Britney coos, "All right."

More teasers will drop every day until the video's premiere next week.

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Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston Discuss Box-Office Showdown With Justin Bieber

Their 'Just Go With It' opens against 'Never Say Never' this weekend.
By Eric Ditzian

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler at the "Just Go With it" premiere
Photo: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

NEW YORK — The palm trees, tiki-themed decorations and ocean-blue carpet at the Tuesday-night premiere of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's "Just Go With It" didn't fool anyone: Despite a tent meant to keep the winter at bay, it was freezing outside the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York, a far cry from the sunny Hawaiian clime in which much of the romantic comedy takes place.

Yet Sandler, Aniston and their co-stars projected nothing but warm vibes as they made their way past a massive throng of photographers and toward an equally long line of TV and print journalists. Days from now, this new flick — a comedy of errors in which Sandler convinces Aniston to pretend to be his wife in a wild scheme to secure the affections of Brooklyn Decker — opens up against Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never." This weekend at the box office is setting up to be a compelling clash between teen heartthrob and established big-screen players, but Aniston is approaching the whole thing blissfully unaware — or so she liked to joke when MTV News asked her about the face-off.

"Who?" she asked when the topic of Bieber came up.

Sandler stepped in with a little intro to the "Never Say Never" star. "Nice little kid. He sings," he explained. "He grew up in front of our eyes. He's a handsome boy."

"Very handsome," Aniston added, suddenly finding herself with a case of Bieber Fever.

For moviegoers on the fence this weekend, Sandler suggested catching a double feature at the multiplex. "We don't start fights with people. You can go to both," he said. "We'll go to Justin's movie. We'll show some respect to that kid and his family — get him some more money."

"Yeah! I hear he's hurting," deadpanned Aniston.

Others in the cast were more forthcoming about the prospect of opening up against "Never Say Never." "It's hard. We're nervous," Decker admitted. "I love myself some Justin Bieber, so I'm not going to bash anyone who goes to see that movie. I will say I love our movie!"

Dave Matthews, who co-stars as Nicole Kidman's absurdly pretentious husband, was even more blunt. "That's going to blow everything out of the water. Justin Bieber is going to blow everything out of the water for a few years," he told us. "That's what I expect — and deservedly so. What better than Bieber to blow everything out of the water? I expect nothing but my daughter's devotion to him and I will support it absolutely."

Check out everything we've got on "Just Go With It."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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James Cameron Taps Shawn Levy To Direct 'Fantastic Voyage'

Levy is best known for directing 'Night at the Museum' films.
By Eric Ditzian

Artwork from "Fantastic Voyage" (1966)
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Perhaps James Cameron got a sneak peek at "Real Steel" and really liked what he saw, because he's tapped Shawn Levy — the director behind that upcoming Hugh Jackman action flick, as well as the "Night at the Museum" films — to helm the 3-D adaptation of "Fantastic Voyage."

Deadline New York reports that Cameron, who is producing the reworking of the 1966 sci-fi flick, has hired Levy after considering a slew of directors with either more action-oriented experience or greater critical acclaim. We already knew Paul Greengrass and Louis Leterrier had been approached for the gig, but the new report adds Darren Aronofsky ("Black Swan"), Timur Bekmambetov ("Wanted") and Jonathan Mostow ("Surrogates") to the list of directors formerly being considered.

The new "Fantastic Voyage," which follows a team of scientists miniaturized and sent into a colleague's body to save his life, will be an almost entirely computer-generated creation. That makes Levy a rather unconventional choice for the high-profile Fox project. He's best known for his comedic fare, from work with Ben Stiller on two "Night at the Museum" films to last year's Tina Fey/ Steve Carrel laugher "Date Night." But Levy has branched out with "Real Steel," a futuristic action flick making liberal use of CG technology, and has always had a steady hand with broadly commercial productions. What's more, Levy has already reteamed with Jackman for a second action flick, this one to be scripted by "Lost" vet Carlton Cuse.

Last summer, Jon Landau, Cameron's longtime producing partner, explained to MTV News what they're looking for in a "Fantastic Voyage" director. "It's somebody to elevate the property," he said. "Why Jim's movies work — the ones that he directs — they have themes that are bigger than their genre. We want to do 'Fantastic Voyage' where it's about something and it's not just putting effects up on the screen."

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Jersey Boys Continue With Their Tour De France London

Ha! Nice hat!
Jersey Shore boys Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D are still tearing up the streets of London this week, pAArtying hard and living large!
Last night, the boys left their hotel looking for some action, sporting Italy football shirts and big smiles as they headed off to the club. When Vinny returned, he was [...]

Joss Stone Jules Asner Julia Stiles Julianne Hough Julie Benz

Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio Lead Flurry Of Movie Remakes

Russell Brand, Willow Smith, Jonah Hill are just a few stars looking to revamp film and TV classics like 'Arthur', 'Annie' and '21 Jump Street.'
By Terri Schwartz

Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

What do Willow Smith and Beyoncé have in common with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Kenny Wormald? They're all starring (or in talks to star) in the latest round of remakes of beloved films and TV shows coming down the pike.

On Thursday, news broke that Beyoncé would be starring in a Clint Eastwood-directed remake of the 1976 Barbra Streisand classic "A Star Is Born" (which was a remake of a 1954 movie that remade a 1937 film). In the meantime, Will Smith is reportedly petitioning Sony to remake "Annie" (the 1982 movie and 1977 musical) starring his 10-year-old daughter, Willow, best known for whipping her hair.

In October it was announced that Leonardo DiCaprio and best bud Tobey Maguire would be starring in Baz Luhrmann's 3-D retelling of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby," with Carey Mulligan joining as Daisy Buchanan.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have been working on bringing the '80s Johnny Depp-starring television series "21 Jump Street" to the big screen since 2008, and they might even get Depp to cameo in it in time for the film's March 16, 2012, release date.

And let's not forget the long hunt for a Ren McCormack (the character Kevin Bacon made famous in 1984), after Zac Efron and Chace Crawford dropped out of the planned "Footloose" remake that finally landed dancer Kenny Wormald the role of his life.

Then there's "Arthur," the Russell Brand-starring remake of the 1981 screwball comedy about a happily drunk millionaire who risks everything for love. The film has tapped everyone from Helen Mirren to Greta Gerwig and Nick Nolte.

Two recently announced remakes are "Lethal Weapon" and "The Wizard of Oz," which are still in early development and without stars attached. Warner Bros. announced their plans to reboot the Mel Gibson-starring franchise on Thursday and tapped writer Will Beall to pen the script with completely new characters. And director Robert Zemeckis announced back in November that he planned on remaking the 1939 Technicolor classic using the script from the original film, with Warner Bros. hoping Robert Downey Jr. will play Oz.

Just this past year, films from "Clash of the Titans" to "The Karate Kid" to "A Nightmare on Elm Street" were remade for the big screen and were well-received by audiences. "Alice in Wonderland" and "Clash of the Titans" went on to become two of the top 10 highest-grossing films of 2010, while "Piranha 3D" and "The A-Team" also went on to strong successes, proving that there definitely is a market for these kinds of remakes.

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Beyoncé - Video Phone (Extended Remix)

Video Phone (Extended Remix)

Xenia Seeberg Yamila Diaz Yvonne Strzechowski Zhang Ziyi Zoe Saldana